Seasons: An Experiential Voyage Through Sound, a multimedia concert from R&B singer/songwriter Sonic, reflects her unique relationship with sound: she’s partially deaf. The performance makes innovative use of National Sawdust’s new Constellation and Spacemap audio systems from Meyer Sound to draw audiences into Sonic’s singular aural world. This second work-in-progress showing of Seasons, a new piece developed as part of Sonic’s residency at National Sawdust, dives into her adolescence. Featuring an expanded cast of performers and more extensive production design, the performance guides the audience through Sonic’s story with narration by members of Womxyn Amplify.

Sonic - Vocals
Nicholas Braham - Bass
Zane Durham - Keys
Soular - Percussion/Midi
Jonathan Jean Baptiste- Drums
featuring emcee & percussionist “Kumbaya” as “Sonic’s inner voice”
Dimitri Morisseau - Electric guitar
Laurelle Hicks - BGV 1
Kyle Shedrick - BGV 2
Akeem Hawkins - Saxophone
Tariq Allen - Trumpet
Dancer 1 - Algin Sterling
Dancer 2 - Katie Oliver
Visuals - Meilei Paet-DeSilva
Creative Direction - Akiea “Ki” Gross/ Womxyn Amplify
Set Design - Fernanda Alvarez/Womxyn Amplify

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Copyright 2020 National Sawdust

June 24, 2020
8:00 pm
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Jun 24