Tap dancer and choreographer Michela Marino Lerman and her band Love Movement will present a multidisciplinary musical experience inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Levels of Love” speech.

November 18, 2022
8:00 pm
This event has past

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Tap dancer and choreographer Michela Marino Lerman and her band Love Movement will present a multidisciplinary musical experience inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Levels of Love” speech. A collective of artists working at the intersection of jazz, tap, spirituals, and original music, Lerman and her band Love Movement will remind you of the power of love and its ability to endure all hardship. Lerman’s exploration of the seven levels of love–familial love, self-love and realization, protest, prayer, spiritual love, and romantic love–was motivated by her desire to create in service of community. The idea for Love Movement came to Lerman like a revelation, the lyrics and melodies pouring out of her while she was at a crossroads in life. The process of writing her own music carried Lerman through that pain, and now she shares this healing and cathartic experience with the world through Love Movement. Join Michela Marino Lerman and Love Movement for an evening of dance, music, and therapeutic release.

This performance will be accompanied by a “Musicians as Activists” talk. Check back here for more information.

Love Movement Bio

Love Movement is not your ordinary band.  This ensemble, led by tap dancer Michela Marino Lerman, is a hybrid of the highest levels of musicianship and hoofing.  This group incorporates original music, spirituals, jazz, traditional and electronic tap boards, which will surely challenge your thoughts, uplift, and send you dancing all the way home.  Love Movement reflects a journey through the seven levels of love we experience throughout life starting with familial love, self-love and realization, protest, prayer, spiritual love, and finally romantic love. Love Movement is an immersive musical experience that will leave the audience feeling moved and empowered.

Michela Marino Lerman Bio

Michela Marino Lerman is an internationally acclaimed tap dance artist, performer, choreographer, educator, and bandleader. HuffPo calls her a “hurricane of rhythm” and the New York Times declares her a “prodigy” and describes her dancing as “flashes of brilliance.” She is a proud student of Buster Brown, Gregory Hines, Leroy Myers and Marion Coles.

In 2017 Lerman conceived, co-created, choreographed, and starred in “This Joint is Jumpin’”, which made its debut at Andrew Lloyd Weber’s The Other Palace, in London’s West End. She is Associate Producer of the new documentary “American Tap,” an intimate look at tap dance’s roots in American cultural history. Lerman is also a member of the band Michael Mwenso and the Shakes, performing and touring regularly, in addition to performing with an impressive list of music and dance icons, among them Wynton Marsalis, Savion Glover, Jon Batiste and Stay Human, Roy Hargrove, Anna Deavere Smith, Benny Golson, Barry Harris, and Marcus Roberts.

With a teaching career that was sparked by a master class she gave at age 15, Lerman has since taught in more than 15 countries, 30 tap and dance festivals, and numerous universities including Yale and Tulane. Sharing the rich history of tap dance through education is deeply rooted in all her work.

Love Movement is a consortium of like-minded artists who work at the intersection of Jazz and Tap Dancing, utilizing the power of these two original American art forms to educate, entertain, and enlighten the general public.  Love Movement raises collective and individual awareness of the power of Love in our lives by helping us understand the levels and stages of Love we experience throughout life, from familial love to self-love, realization and acceptance, to protest and prayer, to spiritual love, and romantic love.  All can lead to greater self-understanding and fulfillment.  Love Movement achieves these goals by interacting with the general public through live and recorded performances, classes and other programming that bring these ideas to life.

Nov 18

Michela Marino Lerman and her band Love Movement