Karen Wong

Karen Wong, Deputy Director of the New Museum will present on the Future of Culture.

Wong describes her session: As cultural production expands and innovates, how will musicians absorb and incorporate these current attitudes of hybridity and immersion into their shows, recitals, and concerts? No matter the framing device, be it a stage or headset, we are increasingly obsessed with an experience that immerses us. As audiences shift from observer to active participant, there will be new platforms in theater, music, and visual arts. More than ever, musicians will require fluency in future-leaning formats and the vehicles that amplify and distribute emergent culture.

Karen Wong is the Deputy Director of the New Museum, renowned for its entrepreneurial platforms and mission: new art and new ideas. She co-founded NEW INC (2014), the first museum-led incubator for art, technology, and design. The initiative is a global model for creating space for and supporting creative enterprises focused on cultural and social impact. Wong sits on the nonprofit boards of Apex for Youth, a mentoring and education program for under-served Asian and immigrant youth, David Byrne's Arbutus Foundation dedicated to re-imagining the world through projects that inspire and educate, National Sawdust, and Rhizome, a platform for born-digital art. She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University’s GSAPP.

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