IN SITU: Miyamoto is Black Enough

Miyamoto is Black Enough is a collaborative exploration of meaning and conversation, based on Ariana Miyamoto, a Japanese national who grew up as a self-described mixed race “hafu,” the child of an African American father and Japanese mother. After winning Miss Universe Japan 2015, many Japanese expressed concern at her lack of “pure” parentage—that she was not Japanese enough. In Miyamoto is Black Enough, a contemporary band that boasts two hafu of their own—a Trinidadian-Brooklynite Black man, and an Irish/Finnish/Swedish hip-hop influenced drummer—Miyamoto is certainly Black enough. Three remarkable artists form the cohort that makes this project possible: Andy Akiho as composer and performer on his trademark steel pans; Roger Bonair-Agard with poetry and spoken word and Jeffrey Zeigler as cellist.

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