Ash Koosha with YONA

FERUS Festival is National Sawdust’s annual cutting-edge music and multimedia performance festival. This year’s program will explore our season’s themes with boundary-breaking music, dance, and conversations.

From the underground punk scene in a repressive Tehran to the creation of an auxiliary human named YONA, the polymath performer and self-described “software humanist” Ash Koosha lives on the front lines of the musical vanguard, both real and virtual. Created in collaboration with Isabella Winthrop using software that creates sentences, melodies, and singing, YONA produces original compositions via a complex text-to-speech process. Ash and YONA will perform “self-generated” love songs, pushing the boundaries of emotion and humanity in machine collaboration.

Stay for the talk-back with Ash, composer and National Sawdust co-founder Paola Prestini and Tateo Nakajima for insights into performance in the digital world and more.

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